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Are you looking for Racking or Shelving to make the most of your Warehouse Space but not exactly sure what you need or how do go about it?

Jamrak Shelving Solutions is one of the leading providers of Warehouse Racking and Shelving Solutions in Jamaica. We provide integrated Racking Solutions from design to installation. 
We offer new and used pallet racks as well as a variety of racking and shelving for any storage facility or warehouse. 

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Proven Track Record
From selective, drive-ins, push-back or cantilever racks, we make your space work harder, while focusing on safety, efficiency and flexibility to optimize your facility. 
With over 30 years of experience in designing and installing pallet racking and shelving systems for some of Jamaica's largest manufacturing and distribution companies, 
we are confident in our ability to provide you with an ideal solution! 

Let us help you to improve your warehouse and make your space work harder today!

Our Services
We have worked with all of the major companies in Jamaica, including Grace Kennedy, Nestle, Lascelles, Courts, 
Mussons, T.Geddes Grant, Kingston Wharves, Red Stripe, Pepsi, Serge Island Dairies, H.D. Hopwood, 
P.A. Benjamin, Mothers, Edgechem, Glaxo-Smith-Kline and Caribrake. 
Selective Racks
Selective Pallet Racking Systems 
For All Storage Needs.

Selective pallet racks are the most popular type of warehouse pallet racking system.

Selective pallet racking provides you with an efficient use of floor space, as well as immediate access to all stored products.   

Selective pallet racking systems provide immediate accessibility to store and unload pallets. These racking systems offer the largest selection of sizes and accessories to fit your specific needs and can be custom configured for your warehouse and storage application.
Drive In / Drive Through Racks
Drive-in pallet racks provide a cost effective solution for high-density storage in warehouses and distribution centers. Perfect for pallets that are driven into the rack system by forklifts, they’re a great way to make sure your pallets are easy to reach for your in-house vehicles.

From fine-tuning aisle width to making sure there’s enough room for your cargo to move locations, drive-in racking systems help you tackle several workflow issues with one unique solution.
Boltless Shelving
Boltless shelving is designed for light to medium hand-stacked applications.  Boltless systems are, easy to assemble and reconfigure.

The posts and beams make this system a good fit for a home workshop, record storage or as a point of sale merchandise display.  Add on more Boltless units or re-arrange shelving levels easily and as your needs expand.

Find out what our Customers are saying:

Kingston Wharves

We chose Jamrak Shelving Solutions to assist us with the design and installation of the pallet racks at our newly constructed Total Logistics Facility. From start to finish they demonstrated high levels of professional to satisfy the specific need of the company in timely and most effective manner and we are extremely happy with the end result. I have no hesitation in recommending Jamrak for any major project in Jamaica.

Michael Arbouine, Facilities Manager
Kingston Wharves Ltd.

Grace Kennedy Jamaica

Rob and his team at Jamrak installed approximately 24,000 pallet positions of 6-high racking for our new Distribution Center. His team did an excellent job, completing the project exactly as planned and designed, on time and on cost.

Simon Roberts
GraceKennedy Ltd.


Mother's bought warehouse racking from Jamrak many years ago when we thought we couldn't afford it. Rob and his team provided excellent technical planning and were able to find us a terrific deal on used racking. Since then, we have purchased additional racking several times and expanded our warehouse capacity, fourfold. I would recommend Jamrak for all your warehouse needs.

Richard Foreman, General Manager 
Mother’s Ltd.

BJ Hanna and Sons

In our industry we need storage solutions that are durable and adaptable, our shelving system from Jamrak Shelving Solutions gave us just that. From design to installation they did a first rate job, increasing our capacity and speeding up our retrieval and stock taking capabilities.

Ian Gardner
BJ Hanna and Sons Ltd.

Nestle Jamaica Limited Supplied by Jamrak:

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